makes, making, made
(Make is used in a large number of expressions which are explained under other words in this dictionary. For example, the expression `to make sense' is explained at `sense'.)
1) VERB You can use make with a wide range of nouns to indicate that someone performs an action or says something. For example, if you make a suggestion, you suggest something.

[V n] I'd just like to make a comment...

[V n] I made a few phone calls...

[V n] I think you're making a serious mistake...

[V n] The Pope said the world had made some progress towards peace in 1991...

[V n] Science and technology have made major changes to the way we live...

[V n n] She had made us an offer too good to refuse.

2) VERB You can use make with certain nouns to indicate that someone does something well or badly. For example, if you make a success of something, you do it successfully, and if you make a mess of something, you do it very badly.

[V n of n] Apparently he made a mess of his audition...

[V n of n] Are you really going to make a better job of it this time?

3) VERB If you make as if to do something or make to do something, you behave in a way that makes it seem that you are just about to do it. [WRITTEN]

[V as if to-inf] Mary made as if to protest, then hesitated...

[V to-inf] He made to chase Davey, who ran back laughing.

4) VERB In cricket, if a player makes a particular number of runs, they score that number of runs. In baseball or American football, if a player makes a particular score, they achieve that score.

[V amount] He made 1,972 runs for the county.

5) PHRASE: make inflects, oft PHR with n If you make do with something, you use or have it instead of something else that you do not have, although it is not as good.

Why make do with a copy if you can afford the genuine article?...

We're a bit low on bed linen. You'll have to make do.

6) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR cl, PHR n If you make like you are doing something, you act as if you are doing it, and if you make like someone, you act as if you are that person. [INFORMAL]

Bob makes like he's a fish blowing bubbles.

makes, making, made
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1) VERB If something makes you do something, it causes you to do it.

[V n inf] Grit from the highway made him cough...

[V n inf] The white tips of his shirt collar made him look like a choirboy...

[be V-ed to-inf] I was made to feel guilty and irresponsible.

2) VERB If you make someone do something, you force them to do it.

[V n inf] Mama made him clean up the plate...

[V n inf] You can't make me do anything...

[be V-ed to-inf] They were made to pay $8.8 million in taxes and $300,000 in penalty taxes.

3) VERB You use make to talk about causing someone or something to be a particular thing or to have a particular quality. For example, to make someone a star means to cause them to become a star, and to make someone angry means to cause them to become angry.

[V n n] ...James Bond, the role that made him a star...

[V n n] He returned to Chicago, and made it his base for the rest of his life...

[V n adj] She made life very difficult for me...

[V it adj that] She's made it obvious that she's appalled by me...

[V it adj to-inf] Rationing has made it easier to find some products like eggs, butter and meat...

[V n of n] Does your film make a hero of Jim Garrison?

4) VERB If you say that one thing or person makes another seem, for example, small, stupid, or good, you mean that they cause them to seem small, stupid, or good in comparison, even though they are not.

[V n inf adj/prep/n] They live in fantasy worlds which make Euro Disney seem uninventive...

[V n inf adj/prep/n] Since he came to live with me, we have been subject to a campaign of spite and revenge which makes Lady Sarah appear angelic by comparison.

5) VERB If you make yourself understood, heard, or known, you succeed in getting people to understand you, hear you, or know that you are there.

[V pron-refl -ed] Aron couldn't speak Polish. I made myself understood with difficulty...

[V pron-refl -ed] He almost had to shout to make himself heard above the music.

6) VERB If you make someone something, you appoint them to a particular job, role, or position.

[V n n] Mr Blair made him transport minister...

[V n n] If I am made chairman, I hope Simon will stay on as my trusted lieutenant.

7) VERB If you make something into something else, you change it in some way so that it becomes that other thing.

[V n into n] We made it into a beautiful home...

[V n into n] Her bestseller `Peachtree Road' is soon to be made into a television mini-series.

8) VERB To make a total or score a particular amount means to increase it to that amount.

[V n amount] This makes the total cost of the bulb and energy ₤27...

[V n amount] Lupescu scored from 20 yards and then Balint made it 4-0.

9) VERB When someone makes a friend or an enemy, someone becomes their friend or their enemy, often because of a particular thing they have done.

[V n] Lorenzo was a natural leader who made friends easily...

[V n of n] He was unruly in class and made an enemy of most of his teachers.

10) to make friendssee friend
makes, making, made
1) VERB To make something means to produce, construct, or create it.

[V n] She made her own bread...

[V n] Nissan now makes cars at two plants in Europe...

[have n V-ed] Having curtains made professionally can be costly...

[V n from/out of n] They make compost out of all kinds of waste.

2) VERB If someone makes a film or television programme, they are involved in creating or producing it.

[V n] We are making a film about wildlife.

[V-ed] ...the film `Queen Christina', made in 1934.

3) VERB If you make a meal or a drink, you prepare it.

[V n] You wash while I make some lunch...

[V n n] Would you like me to make us all a coffee?

4) VERB If you make a note or list, you write something down in that form.

[V n] Mr Perry made a note in his book...

[V n] Make a list of your questions beforehand.

5) VERB If you make rules or laws, you decide what these should be.

[V n] The police don't make the laws, they merely enforce them...

[V n] The only person who makes rules in this house is me.

6) VERB If you make money, you get it by working for it, by selling something, or by winning it.

[V n] I think every business's goal is to make money...

[V n] How much did we make?...

[V n out of/from n] Can it be moral to make so much money out of a commodity which is essential to life?.

7) VERB If something makes something else, it is responsible for the success of that thing.

[V n] What really makes the book are the beautiful designs.

8) N-COUNT: supp N, N of n The make of something such as a car or radio is the name of the company that made it.

The only car parked outside is a black Saab - a different make.

...a certain make of wristwatch.

9) PHRASE: v-link PHR (disapproval) If you say that someone is on the make, you disapprove of them because they are trying to get a lot of money or power, possibly by illegal or immoral methods.
IV [[t]me͟ɪk[/t]] LINK VERB USES
makes, making, made
1) V-LINK You can use make to say that someone or something has the right qualities for a particular task or role. For example, if you say that someone will make a good politician, you mean that they have the right qualities to be a good politician.

[V n] She'll make a good actress, if she gets the right training...

[V n] You've a very good idea there. It will make a good book...

[V n] Instructors decided he would never make a pilot...

[V n n] I'm very fond of Maurice and I'd make him a good wife.

2) V-LINK If people make a particular pattern such as a line or a circle, they arrange themselves in this way.

[V n] A group of people made a circle around the Pentagon.

3) V-LINK You can use make to say what two numbers add up to.

[V amount] Four twos make eight...

[V amount] He is adding three aircraft carriers - that makes six in all.

makes, making, made
1) VERB If someone makes a particular team or makes a particular high position, they do so well that they are put in that team or get that position.

[V n] The athletes are just happy to make the British team...

[V n] He knew he was never going to make director.

2) VERB If you make a place in or by a particular time, you get there in or by that time, often with some difficulty.

[V n prep] The engine is gulping two tons of fuel an hour in order to make New Orleans by nightfall.

3) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR prep/adv If you make it somewhere, you succeed in getting there, especially in time to do something.

So you did make it to America, after all.

...the hostages who never made it home...

I just made it!

4) PHRASE: V inflects If you make it, you are successful in achieving something difficult, or in surviving through a very difficult period.

I believe I have the talent to make it...

You're brave and courageous. You can make it.

5) PHRASE: V inflects, usu with brd-neg, oft PHR to n If you cannot make it, you are unable to attend an event that you have been invited to.

`I can't make it,' she said. `That's Mother's Day.'...

He hadn't been able to make it to our dinner.

makes, making, made
1) VERB You use make it when saying what you calculate or guess an amount to be.

[V it amount] All I want to know is how many T-shirts Jim Martin has got. I make it three...

[V n amount] I make the total for the year ₤69,599.

2) VERB You use make it when saying what time your watch says it is.

[V it n] I make it nearly 9.30...

[V it n] `What time d'you make it?' - `Thirteen past.' [Also V n n]

VII [[t]me͟ɪk[/t]] PHRASAL VERBS
makes, making, made
Phrasal Verbs:

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